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Redwood Stainless Systems

Experienced Beer Brewing

Equipment Manufacturer

1000L 3vessels brewhouse.jpg

10HL Steam Heating Brewhouse For Customer In Osaka, Japan

20BBL Direct Fire System.webp

20BBL Direct Fire Brewhouse For Customer In Cambridge, Maryland, USA

25bbl brewhouse equipment.webp

25BBL Direct Fire Brewhouse For Customer In Livermore, CA., USA

20BBL brewhouse.jpg

20BBL Direct Fire Brewhouse For Customer in Alameda Island, CA., USA



Redwood Stainless Systems is a manufacturer of stainless steel brewing equipment, brewhouse, cellar vessels, brewery  accessories, kegs, kegging machine, etc. We are based in China and founded branch in CA, US. Our customers are located all  over the world including North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa, half of which are from US. 
We take pride in being a customer's best resource for planning, design, fabrication and successful execution for each unique  brewery project.

20bbl FVs in Alameda Island(1).jpg

20BBL Fermenters For Customer In Alameda Island, CA., USA

10bbl FVs.JPG

10HL Fermenters For Customer, Tokyo, Japan

90HL Fermenters of Taiwan Beer in Taipei Brewery.JPG

90HL Fermenters For Customer In Taiwan, China

100BBL Fermenter.webp

100BBL Fermenters For Customer In San Diego, CA., USA


​Installation Service

During your installation, RSS provides:

On-line service support for any installation consultant;

Professional installation team for on-site brewhouse installation service;

Complete set of manual from unloading, positioning, tanks' standing up, installation and wiring work;

We are very satisfied with our tanks with no issues to date. No tank sweating, poor fabrication, or weld failures. We have not had any unsatisfactory or sanitary issues. We are satisfied with the product and will continue to order from RSS.
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