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Tips to choose kegs, small points making brewing life easier and safer

-Smooth Handle

Have you ever cut hands by welding edge from keg handle? I do. So we improved our handle mold, making handle smooth with circular arc design and making it wider. So it’s more comfortable and safer to hold.

-Stackable kegs

It means the bottom chime of beer keg is designed to be stackable. So kegs can be piled up vertically one by one. But please pay attention to keg chime thickness before you buy since that will have influence on keg chime strength. We, redwood Stainless System has thicker chime on kegs, 2.4mm of 1/2bbl and 1.8mm of 1/6bbl kegs.

-Clean inside surface

The inside surface of each keg served should be acid-washed and passivated for up to 40 minutes. This not only makes the surface smooth, but also enhances the keg's rust and corrosion resistance. See our keg’s dissection photo.

- Beer neck (Beer hosing valve)

Does the spear neck of the beer keg you are using have distorted after use or even crack in severe cases? Please check whether the beer neck of kegs is double-sided welded or not. All kegs from Redwood Stainless System have double-sided welding, which strengthens beer neck, and effectively avoids leakage.

We, Redwood Stainless System DBA DYM Brewing Solutions are a stainless steel manufacturer in China, fabricating brewing equipment like brewhouse, cellar vessels and kegs. Now we started our warehouse in LA & New Jersey. We currently have new stackable 1/2bbl and 1/6bbl kegs in stock.

1/2bbl keg, brand new, with Micromatic D spear, $129 each

1/6bbl keg, brand new, with Micromatic D spear, $79 each

For more details, please feel free to contact

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