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Craft Brewhouse

Craft or Micro Brewery can be a good start of your own brewery business with the size from 5bbl to 15bbl. Our brewhouse comprising of 2 or more vessels is mounted on a stainless steel skid or on the floor with piping, pumps, platform, etc, which are pre-built for convenient installation on site.
By learning each brewer's individual needs, we will work with you on first stage layout design, on just right lauter tun size, on piping design, on planning your expansion project in very first start to make your own craft brewhouse.


Milling: 2-roller or simplified 4-roller
Mash & Lauter tun: Brewing & sparging water blending port, VFD rake, with wort grant, mash hydrator, etc.
Kettle & Whirlpool: Dimpled steam jackets or direct burning heating, as well as electric immersion heating
Hot Liquor Tank: Steam heating, direct burning or immersion electric heating
Pumps: From named suppliers with ABB motors
Piping: Tri-Clamp or DIN standard pre-built
Heat exchanger: 2-step or 1 step, with fittings such as thermometers, venturi aeration unit, etc
Brewhouse control: VFD, switches etc, Automatic Temp. control, etc
Cellars: Singe, double or multi-time brew size fermenters and BBT
Cellar Control: Automatic Temp. control with solenoid valves
Portable CIP cart: With 1 electric immersion Heating caustic tank, automatic Temp. control and 1 pump, etc

We design and produce a line of complete microbreweries to your specifications. Alternative brewhouse configurations are of 2-vessel, 3-vessel styles and customized ones. To guarantee breweries' reliable performance, we use qualified stainless steel, fittings, and various parts, with our good craftsmanship, rich experience and technology in brewing industry. Especially, we focus on your convenient running procedures, by learning your special specifications and realizing them on the brewing systems.

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