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Lager tank


Certified Stainless Steel material
Sanitary construction seams with sanitary interior polish
Inspected and pressure tested to 2 times operating pressure
Insulated with high efficiency polyurethane foam
Name-brand, high-quality valves and fittings included with every tank
Quality TIG welding: For piping, quality TIG welding with sanitary interior shapes with 40 years experience
Saving space than vertical tanks
Increase bottom surface for low yeast harvesting during fermenting
Tanks can be customized according to your specifications

DYM's horizontal tanks in Port Orleans Brewery.png


All tri-clmap connection or hygienic parts; 
Tri-clamp gaskets of silicon rubber; 
Top 2" PVRV of Max.2 Bars relief; 
1 perlick style sample valve with fixture for fixing CO2 Meter, 1" or 1.5" Tri-Clamp; 
2 x 4" TC hand hole for mounting 2 spray balls from outside, on the top; 
2 x 1.5 Tri-Clamp manual butterfly valves on the bottom port and CIP port; 
1x 1.5" CIP arm on the front;  
2 spinning spray balls of pin connection, 1.5"; 1" Tri-clamp hygienic diaphragm manometer; 
Optional bunging device for adjustable pressure relief 0.5~3 bars;

10bbl Horizontal Fermenter (EV 10BBL, TV 13BBL)_edited.jpg
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