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FV Unitank


Certified Stainless Steel material;
Sanitary construction seams with sanitary interior polish;
Inspected and pressure tested to 2 times operating pressure;
Insulated with high efficiency polyurethane foam;
Name-brand, high-quality valves and fittings included with every tank;
Quality TIG welding: For piping, quality TIG welding with sanitary interior shapes with 40 years experience;
130% overhead space, heat insulated; separate glycol jackets on body and cone; 60°cone bottom, dished top head; Side man-way:450mmx350mm
Tanks can be customized according to your specifications

10HL FVs with Fuji controller.jpg


1 x 4" Tri-clamp (optional bigger size or DIN threaded union cover) port with blind cover mounted on the top as hopping port; 
Optional German style bunging device; 
Top 2" PVRV of 2 Bars, 30PSI relief; 
1 perlick style sample valve with fixture for fixing CO2 Meter, 1" Tri-Clamp; 
1 x 4" TC hand hole for mounting spraying ball from outside of the tank;
1 Spraying ball (optional fixed or spinning versions) of threaded or pin connection, 1", cleaning both interior head and body; 
3 x 1.5“ Tri-Clamp manual butterfly valves on the bottom port, beer racking arm and CIP port; 
1 x DIN65 Threaded union port for racking arm on the cone bottom; 
CIP down tube of Radius 300mm 90° bend;
Optional separate 1.5" or 2" blow off arm with butterfly valve; 
All tri-clamp connection; 
1 pressure gauge; 
Height adjust foot pads, optional ball socket and holes for anchoring bolts for breweries in seismically active areas; 
Gasket: silicon rubber;
optional Carbonating stone device mounted on the cone bottom;

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