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Company Profile

Redwood Stainless Systems is a manufacturer of stainless steel brewing equipment, brewhouse, cellar vessels, brewery  accessories, kegs, kegging machine, etc. We are based in China and founded branch in CA, US. Our customers are located all  over the world including North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa, half of which are from US. 
We take pride in being a customer's best resource for planning, design, fabrication and successful execution for each unique  brewery project.


Sales Department

Our Commitment To Service

Customized Design

Our product includes a variety of large, medium and small brewery equipment, hotel, bar beer equipment, and could be used to brew various types of wine, beer, barley-bree (whisky) brandy. Of course, we can customize according to customer required special specifications design.

Quality Control

Using high quality 304 stainless steel materials. All auxiliaries and accessories are selected domestic and international famous brands to gurantee the whole equipment quality and working life time. The welds are beautiful.

Fast Delivery

We provide an estimated shipment date in budgetary proposal and when you place your order. Your Project Manager will provide on-going updates throughout the project leading up to your target ready to ship date. We can be resonsible for the shipping.

Excellent After-sales Service

RSS Brewing Solutions provide guidance, installation and technical support for customers, and establish a special project file to track service, provide 24-hour technical support.

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